PayXpres: Affordable Payroll & Tax Service for Small Business
A division of John W. Trudell Accountancy Corp.

Payroll Reporting

PayXpres provides a full range of payroll reports to meet your needs for a timely filing.

Quarterly  Reports

  • Laser printed ready to file Federal & State payroll tax returns
  • Laser printed ready to file W-2 forms 1099
  • Laser printed W-3 transmittal form
  • Employee W-2 copies ready for mailing or distribution
  • Annual forms such as 940, 1099-Misc and 1096

Cash Requirements and Deposits

  • Payroll deposit requirement
  • Tax liability by tax

Other Reports

  • Check register report
  • Payroll details, totals and general ledger
  • Payroll journal - detailed
  • YTD Tax deposit payment list
  • Tax status report
  • Individual employee payroll/YTD Summary
  • Employee payroll worksheet
  • Deduction report
  • Retirement Reports

PayXpres Payroll Services
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A division of John W. Trudell Accountancy Corp.

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